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ShadowCore Networks

Web Development

Bringing accessible and responsive design to life.


ShadowCore Networks is currently just a one person team with over 20 years of experience working as a software and web developer.

We have built multiple corporate, informational, and interactive sites. Our recent work has been based in the field of education with a focus on front-end development, client-side interaction, and user experience.



Accessibility is not just about building for disability, but building for everyone. Websites can be more than just content, they can also be applications. The goal is to create a rich and robust experience with the largest audience possible.


In todays world of Internet connected devices of all sizes, websites need to adapt to fit. Mobile first design and progressive enhancements are an excellent approach to creating the best viewing and interaction experience.


Touch, keyboard, mouse. So many variations in interaction methods can cause issues with usability. Sometimes simplifying the interaction is all that is needed to provide the best option. Other times the interaction needs to change based on the users device.


Here is a sample of some of our recent work.


jQuery PHP MySQL
Bootstrap Font Awesome